about me

who am i?

I am Leonardo Picollo, I was born in Turin, a city in the north west of Italy. My dream is to become a full-time travel filmmaker and photographer.

Right now I’m still in high school, in the meantime I’m working as a photographer and filmmaker for some customer!

leonardopicollo filmmaking photography


My first shot was taken in Portugal. I remember when i spent a lot of time for that shot, I used my father’s camera, a nikon D5600.

Right now I understood myself and my style of photography, i love landscapes, I think travelling is one of the best things in the world, and photos are the best memories you can create.

Right now I’m specialized in landscape photography, Photoshop image creation and composition, and Lightroom color editing!


My love for filmmaking has started after few months I’ve discovered photography, I still remember when I saw the first travel video.

Right now I’m doing some freelance gigs, my goal is to make my best video about a journey that will really change my life.

Right now I can make aerial shots, fpv drone videos, promotional videos and music ones, for any type of information or inquire, feel free to contact me.

leonardopicollo filmmaking photography
leonardopicollo filmmaking photography