my Services

Video Editing

I have a lot of experience in the world of filmmaking and video editing. I am specialized in video montage, color grading, effects creation and sound effect.

Aerial videos and photos

Nowadays the drone hambit is already widespread, but only a few people and companies have well done aerial photos and videos.

Photography and Video Creation

I am a creator. I can create videos and photos from scratch. The most important things are the idea and the creation. I turn ideas into reality.

Website Building

I've always created websites as you can see from my mediakit.
I use CMS as WordPress and Shopify everyday, and I have learnt HTML and CSS too, since I have always loved coding.


For other requests, please contact me

armel pedone

Armel Pedone


Armel is one of the best portrait photographer I know. I love his profesionalism for every single shot he takes. His knowledges in the photography hambit are so impressive.

gioele giordano

Gioele Giordano

Filmmaker and Director

Gioele is the best filmmaker I personally know. He makes music videos, their quality is comparable with some of the video mades for famous artists.

riccardo gottero

Riccardo Gottero

Photographer and filmmaker

Riccardo is one of the most creative people I have ever met. He always has cool and innovative ideas. He is the king of film photohraphy too.

valentin munteanu

Valentin Munteanu


Valentin is a mind-blowing creator. He can create awesome portraits in every single situation. Some of my favourites shots are from his portfolio, his way of editing is so cool too.